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What Sellers Must Know About Passing A Smoke/Carbon Test In Boston

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Luxury Residential Group would like to provide a guide for what all sellers and their agents need to know about obtaining a smoke/carbon-monoxide  detector certificate in and around Boston, MA:

  1. Seller MUST leave a BANK/CASHIERS CHECK for $50.00 made out to “The City Of Boston”.  This is the fee that the City collects and will not perform the inspection without it.
  2. All smoke detectors MUST be working and located just outside of every bedroom. Please be sure to push and hold down the “Test” button with a broomstick to make sure the batteries and the detector itself are working.  This will NOT set off the fire alarm, it is simply a test button.  If it does not work, replace the batteries and make sure it does.  Your unit will FAIL inspection if it does not work and you will not be able to close.
  3. There must be fully operational, installed, carbon monoxide detectors within 10 feet of all bedrooms. Your unit will FAIL if these are not installed and working.  Most detectors can be plugged right into the wall.
  4. Your agent will schedule the smoke/carbon inspection.  The phone number to schedule an appointment is 617-343-3627.
  5. The fire inspector will give your agent a date and time frame. Appointments are in 2.5 hour slots, usually 8:30 am to 11:00 am.(*The inspector will NOT wait so make sure your agent is not late and present in the lobby).
  6. Each certificate is only valid for 60 days so make sure you schedule your inspection about 15 to 30 days prior to closing.  If the closing is delayed past the expiration of the certificate, you must schedule to obtain a new one.

*Please remember, if you do not obtain a current smoke/carbon monoxide detector certificate from the town or city in which your home or condo is located, you will NOT be able to close on your property until you have one.

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