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Cambridge Whole Foods Has Best Gelato!!!!

Luxury Residential Group is pleased to present our newest agent, Jialu Cai.  She will be a regular contributor on our Boston Real Estate Blog, 

Best Gelato in Boston/Cambridge – Jialu Cai

Dare I say it? Whole Foods has the best gelato in Boston/Cambridge, MA.

For its main distinction from ice cream, good gelato should be dense, containing little or no air. Anything in the North End won’t disappoint you, but after 12 years in Boston, I can confidently say that the gelato bar at Whole Foods is the best I’ve tried. In fact, the gelato bar at Whole Foods is so good nationwide that private frozen dessert businesses in Laguna Beach forced it to shut down

Flavors that wowed me were strawberry, a fragrant and sweet concoction with real seeds, and Madagascar vanilla bean, a rich and exotic creamy taste of heaven, a delicious complement to the strawberry. I see vanilla as the anchor to an ice cream brand – you can tell the goodness of the entire brand by the quality of its vanilla. I’m not a fan of hazelnut but I tried it anyway and it tasted exactly like a Ferrero Rocher or Nutella.

Next time you’re in the vicinity of a Whole Foods market, why not stop in and visit the gelato bar? It’s a hidden gem that will sweeten your day. If you like it, they offer loyalty punch cards that get you a free cup or cone after your fifth. The one I went to is 115 Prospect Street in Cambridge, conveniently located between Harvard and MIT. With more than 20 locations in Massachusetts you’re not going to miss a Whole Foods.

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The Clarendon Boston - PH 3 - $10,950,000.00
Back Bay Boston, $9,750,000
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